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The Shotgun Start

Mar 1, 2019

Brendan and Andy take you into the weekend with a check-in from early action at the Honda, where Andy’s hero Ernie Els has come to dance. They discuss Alex Cejka’s amusing DQ for using a non-conforming greens book that was also obsolete. Rickie’s “dump drop” gets a grade. Given the Bear Trap setting this week, there is an extremely naive digression on the bear population of the United States. They praise Brooks Koepka’s acknowledgement that he’s stopped being polite and started getting real. The winners of the first ever Fan Vote Friday Junior -- Bud Cauley, Shawn Stefani, and Morgan Hoffmann -- are given some love, even if it comes at the expense of Stefani’s published “bucket list.” A new segment on the Masters fact of the day focuses on Augusta National’s Clifford Roberts and where he left his fortune after his death. We wrap with Flashback Fridays on the Boy from Bratislava, Rory’s wisdom teeth, and Shane Lowry’s foul mouth.